dodge charger hire


Choosing a hire car for an incredibly important day can be a gruelling process. There are so many different models and styles of automobile, each adding a specific sense of character and tone to the way that you travel throughout the day. Indeed, you want a car to be eye-catching, safe and memorable; you want to have an experience in your hire car which you will never forget, you want every penny spent to be worthwhile. Dodge charger hire will fulfil all of these requirements and more, as the cars stand as the perfect addition to any momentous day.


This 1969 Dodge charger with two doors will make you feel luxurious on any special occasion, be it a wedding or engagement party, graduation or significant birthday. Its sleek design screams understated elegance. Its gorgeous black colour is perfect for any event, slotting in with any theme you choose. Likewise, this traditional shade allows your outfit to sing against the car; it becomes the ideal backdrop to any memorial photographs.


Dodge chargers have been many people’s automobile of choice since the early 1960s. Released as a show car in 1964, these cars have an impeccable reputation, having been beloved for decades. There have been many generations of Dodge chargers, to this day there have been seven and will be many more in the future. It is clear that these cars have been trusted for so long for a reason, they are reliable and impressive vehicles.


This Dodge Charger Hire will make you stand out, it’s authentic and completely classic. This model is a second generation Dodge charger, a model which, following a redesign in 1968, increased Dodger sales significantly. Its cosmetic differences from the first generation make it a far more appealing and aesthetically beautiful automobile. An undivided grill, disguised, seemingly hidden headlights and rounded tail lights all add to the overall appearance of the car. To take a ride in this gorgeous mechanical marvel contact Absolute limousines here or check us out on FB Here